Charity Mission

The Hope and Optimism Portfolio is a global art initiative launched in 1990 to foster unity and positive values across borders. It is a charitable endeavor benefitting The Peace View charity and Magdalen College, Oxford. Under UNESCO patronage, it features 100 signed and numbered graphics by artists from various countries, each conveying hope and optimism despite current challenges.


Despite setbacks and changing global sentiments over a decade, the mission persists to place the collection in museums worldwide, reflecting the enduring capacity of the human spirit. The project invites engagement and suggestions to help secure permanent public exhibition spaces for the portfolio in participating countries.


Global Art Collaboration

The Hope and Optimism Portfolio, established in 1990, transcends geographical, political, and cultural divisions to unify artists from nearly a hundred countries. This unique collection of original, limited, signed, and numbered graphics reflects a shared vision of hope and optimism, a theme inspired by Namibian artist John Muafangejo’s linocut. The project, which enjoys the Haut Patronage of UNESCO and the support of national galleries and cultural institutions, represents a bold vision unlikely to be replicated. It stands as a testament to the power of art in connecting people across the globe.

Charitable Endeavor and Cultural Engagement

As a charitable project, the Portfolio supports The Peace View charity, Magdalen College, Oxford, and artists internationally. The artwork, embodying the spirit of hope in the face of present difficulties, contributes to a greater cause. Each contributing nation was invited to nominate a leading artist to represent its culture and artistic expression. The resulting portfolio is not just a cultural tapestry but also spans a broad technical spectrum of graphic media. It’s an ambitious project that aimed to establish Hope and Optimism centers on every continent and to renew its vision through successive portfolios, subject to support and sponsorship.

Project Evolution and Public Participation

Despite nearly a decade of effort to realize the Hope and Optimism Portfolio, the changing global mood from optimism to disillusionment posed significant challenges. Now, two decades post-completion, the need for such a portfolio is more profound than ever. The project’s leaders are committed to revitalizing interest and placing the portfolio in museums and institutions worldwide to showcase the triumphs of the human spirit. The project invites public interaction and advice on securing the portfolio’s placement in participating countries, ideally within museums or similar public institutions. This engagement aims to ensure that the portfolio, and the message it carries, becomes a permanent fixture in the cultural landscape of each represented nation.

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